Quiz for October 30, 2012

Based on “Benjamin Franklin Butler, Lincoln’s Conundrum” by Tom Lubas

Q#1 – Where was Benjamin Butler born?

Q#2 – What concoction did Butler consume in large quantities that he attributed to his long and healthy life?

Q#3 – At what legal tactic did Butler excel in winning court cases?

Q#4 – What social cause was Butler’s first foray into politics?

Q#5 – Of what political party was Butler a member?

Q#6 – How many times did Butler vote for Jefferson Davis as the presidential nominee at the Democrat convention?

Q#7 – What was Butler’s first military rank in the Army?

Q#8 – What was Butler’s first military objective in 1861?

Q#9 – On what food item did Butler spend up to $20,000 of his own money to feed the people of New Orleans?

Q#10 – How did Butler punish the man in New Orleans who tore down the American flag?

Q#11 – What order did Butler issue that in effect, characterized the women of New Orleans as prostitutes?

Q#12 – In 1864 what command did General Ulysses Grant give to Butler?

Q#13 – Losing which battle cost Butler his command of the Army of the James?

Q#14 – What was Butler’s role in the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson?

Q#15 – To what major political office was Butler elected after the Civil War?