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Meeting of August 22, 2015

Jim Rhetta on “Newspapers and Open Source Intelligence in the Civil War”

Jim Rhetta

Jim Rhetta

The Civil War is called the “first modern war” due to the first use of many new and modern technologies. Often overlooked is the fact that it was also the first war that newspapers covered capable of reporting events in less than 12 hours. With the majority of the population literate, this capability produced a new and significant impact on both war efforts that politicians on both sides had not experienced before and were unprepared for. In addition, newspapers frequently printed information of high and timely military value, an action that never occurred before, which enraged generals on both sides. This information is now known as Open Source Intelligence, can be of high value, and is commonly used by all participants in current global conflicts.

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Meeting Minutes August 2015

Quiz for August 22, 2015

Civil War Quiz: Naval Battles of the American Civil War

Q#1 – On what date were the first shots of naval warfare in the Civil War fired and where were they fired?

Q#2 – On what date were the final shots of the naval warfare in the Civil War fired and where were they fired?

Q#3 – Other than performing blockade duty or trying to sink each other’s naval ships, what were the two primary objectives of each side’s naval forces?

Q#4 – What was a secondary use of each side’s naval forces during the Civil War?

Q#5 – What significant event occurred during the naval Battle of Aquia Creek, which took place from May 29, 1861 to June 1, 1861?

Q#6 – What was the first battle involving Union ironclads in the Civil War (Hint: It was not the naval Battle of Hampton Roads between the Monitor and Merrimac)?

Q#7 – What significant event occurred during the naval battle at Fort Pillow, Tennessee (aka Plum Point Bend) between ships of the Confederate River Defense Fleet and the Union Mississippi River Squadron?

Q#8 – The naval Battle of Arkansas Post (aka, Battle of Fort Hindman) fought January 9–11, 1863, near the mouth of the Arkansas River at Arkansas Post, Arkansas, resulted in what significant adverse consequence for the Confederacy?

Q#9 – What was the outcome of the Second Naval Battle of Sabine Pass which took place on September 8, 1863?

Q#10 – What significant naval event occurred on February 17, 1864, in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina?

Q#11 – What was the name of the naval battle where the Confederate CSS Alabama ship was sunk and what was the date of the battle?

Q#12 – What is the significance of the Second Battle of Fort Fisher fought on January 13–15, 1865, involving an assault by the Union Army, Navy, and Marine Corps against Fort Fisher, outside Wilmington, North Carolina?

Q#13 – Which naval battle is considered the greatest Union naval victory of the war?

Q#14 – What international diplomatic flap on October 7, 1864, was labeled the “Bahia Incident”?

Q#15 – The Union naval blockade of Southern ports and harbors were part of what overall Northern plan for defeating the Confederacy?