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Meeting of November 26, 2013

John Herberich reported on the “2013 West Coast Civil War Roundtable Conference”

John Herberich

John Herberich

John cruised to Mexico with other West Coasters for this year’s Civil War Roundtable Conference and presented a report on the program and festivities.

Meeting of October 29, 2013

Major Arthur Henrick on “Lincoln in the Telegraph Office”

Arthur Henrick

Arthur Henrick

We have all seen the movie Lincoln and can recall the scenes in the telegraph office with the young soldiers. Major Arthur Henrick presented a review of the 1907 book by Homer Bates, Lincoln in the Telegraph Office, a light hearted and interesting view of Lincoln telling stories while reading telegraphs in the War Department.

Meeting Minutes October 2013

Quiz for November 26, 2013

Based on “Lincoln in the Telegraph Office” by Major Arthur Henrick

Q#1 – What historical document did President Lincoln write in the Telegraph Office?

Q#2 – What was the purchasing power of a $10 bill in 1862?

Q#3 – In what state was Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton born?

Q#4 – What did Union telegraph operators do to mislead the Confederates who had tapped into and were intercepting Union telegraph messages?

Q#5 – What was the name of Lincoln’s trusted personal secretary?

Q#6 – What was the legal age limit to join the Union Army without parental consent?

Q#7 – What was President Lincoln’s favorite color for the majority of the clothes he wore?

Q#8 – What term did President Lincoln use to refer to the Civil War?

Q#9 – How much money was Mrs. Lincoln given to fix up the White House?

Q#10 – By what term did Mrs. Lincoln most often refer to her husband when speaking with him?

Q#11 – What technique did President frequently use to kill a bill that he disagreed with?

Q#12 – What beverage did Lincoln find in the Telegraph Office after news came in reporting victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg?

Q#13 – What insect in the Telegraph Office frequently caught Lincoln’s attention when he visited there?

Q#14 – What phrase did Lincoln use to indicate that he had completed reading all the telegraph messages that had been received that day?

Q#15 – What is the only recorded time when Lincoln used a swear word?