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Quiz for May 28, 2024

Civil War Quiz: What Do You Know About the Fort Pillow Massacre?

Q#1 – Where is Fort Pillow located?

Q#2 – Who constructed Fort Pillow?

Q#3 – Why did the Confederates construct Fort Pillow?

Q#4 – What was a major defensive design flaw in the fort’s construction?

Q#5 – When did Union forces capture Fort Pillow?

Q#6 – Why were Union forces able to capture Fort Pillow?

Q#7 – After its capture by Union forces, how large was the military garrison at Fort Pillow?

Q#8 – What Confederate General led the attack on Fort Pillow?

Q#9 – What was the overall Confederate strategy that eventually led up to the attack on Fort Pillow?

Q#10 – What battle preceded the Confederate attack on Fort Pillow?

Q#11 – What tactic did Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest attempt to get Union forces to surrender at a military engagement that preceded the attack on Fort Pillow?

Q#12 – Approximately how many Confederate forces participated in the attach on Fort Pillow? (Note: the estimate is a range of 1,000 troops!)

Q#13 – What significant Union casualty early in the Confederate attack on Fort Pillow aided in losing the battle?

Q#14 – What occurred at the end of the Battle for Fort Pillow?

Q#15 – After the Battle of Fort Pillow what reason did the Confederates give for the high number of Union troops killed during the battle?