Quiz for November 27, 2012

Based on Death and The Civil War, Part 1″

Q#1 – Who made the movie Death and The Civil War?

Q#2 – What is the opening scene of the movie?

Q#3 – What was the date of Lincoln’s first inauguration as President?

Q#4 – What percent of the US population died in the Civil War?

Q#5 – Were there any national cemeteries in existence before the Civil War?

Q#6 – How many soldiers were killed at the Battle of Fort Sumter?

Q#7 – How many soldiers were killed at the First Battle of Bull Run?

Q#8 – How many soldiers were killed at the Battle of Shiloh, which shocked the both sides regarding the level or human carnage?

Q#9 – How many soldiers were mobilized by the North during the Civil war? How many for the South?

Q#10 – In 1861 what organization in the North was founded to help deal with the huge numbers of dead and wounded soldiers?

Q#11 – What was the total number of casualties at the Battle of Antietam?

Q#12 – Prior to going into battle, what did many soldiers arrange in the event of their death?

Q#13 – What was the name of the Southern quasi-military organization charged with tracking down run-away slaves and army deserters?

Q#14 – Of the 180,000 Black soldiers who participated in the Civil War, what was the ratio of those who died?

Q#15 – Approximately how many of the estimated 750,000 soldiers who died in the Civil war were never officially identified?