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Quiz for February 25, 2014

Jefferson Davis

Q#1 – What is the birthday of Jefferson Davis?

Q#2 – What national political offices did Jefferson Davis hold before the start of the Civil War?

Q#3 – What was the name of the 800-acre plantation on the Mississippi River owned by Jefferson Davis?

Q#4 – When was Jefferson Davis elected President of the Confederate States?

Q#5 – On February 11, 1861, what did both Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln do?

Q#6 – On what date was Jefferson Davis inaugurated President of the Confederate States of America?

Q#7 – Who was the only Jewish member of the group that functioned as a cabinet for Confederate president Jefferson Davis?

Q#8 – The first stamp of the Confederacy was green in color, made in London, and displayed a picture of Jefferson Davis. How much was the stamp worth?

Q#9 – Which famous Episcopal Bishop, who was a friend of Jefferson Davis, traded his religious robes to become a commander in the Confederate Army?

Q#10 – What personal tragedy struck President Jefferson Davis and his wife Varina on April 30, 1864?

Q#11 – President Jefferson Davis was rumored to be dressed as a woman during his capture by Union armies on May 10, 1865. How was this untrue legend probably started?

Q#12 – How many days did Confederate President Jefferson Davis spend at Fort Monroe prison?

Q#13 – What was the amount of bail paid to release Jefferson Davis from Federal prison in 1867?

Q#14 – Jefferson Davis was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1875, but was denied his seat. What prevented Davis from becoming a US Senator again?

Q#15 – On what date did Jefferson Davis die?