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Quiz for May 26, 2015

Civil War Quiz: Battle of Seven Pines

Q#1 – What were the dates when the Battle of Seven Pines was fought?

Q#2 – What two other names are often given to the Battle of Seven Pines?

Q#3 – Near what river on the Virginia Peninsula was the battle fought?

Q#4 – What was the approximate size of the Union Army?

Q#5 – What was the approximate size of the Confederate Army?

Q#6 – What was Confederate Joseph E. Johnston’s attack plan?

Q#7 – What critical mistake did Confederate General James Longstreet make at the beginning of the battle?

Q#8 – Where was Union General George McClellan at the start of the battle?

Q#9 – What fairly new scouting technique did the Union employ to identify where Confederate forces were located and where they were marching to?

Q#10 – What was the name of the bridge over the Chickahominy River that collapsed almost immediately after Union General Edwin V. Sumner’s II Corps crossed it?

Q#11 – What wounds did Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston suffer that resulted in him having to be replaced by Robert E. Lee as Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia?

Q#12 – Which side won the Battle of Seven Pines?

Q#13 – What did Union General George McClellan write his wife regarding his reaction to the battle?

Q#14 – After the battle, what maneuver did the Army of Northern Virginia execute?

Q#15 – After the battle, what action did Union General McClellan take with his army?