Quiz for June 26, 2012

Based on “A Marine Artist’s View of Famous Civil War Naval Battles” by Jim Campbell

Q#1 – What was the reason Jim Campbell had to redo his drawing of the Battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac?

Q#2 – What records does the Confederate submarine HL Hunley hold for naval warfare?

Q#3 – What was the name of the ship that fired the last shot of the Civil War?

Q#4 – From what southern harbor did the majority of Confederate blockade runners depart?

Q#5 – How long did the battle between the Monitor & the Merrimac last?

Q#6 – What was the name of the fort that was guarding the entrance to Hampton Roads?

Q#7 – How many guns did the CS Virginia have?

Q#8 – What innovative feature did the Monitor have installed for its two guns?

Q#9 – Two part question: 1-What was the name of the first Union ship that was attacked by the CS Virginia? 2-What was the name of the second Union ship attacked by the CS Virginia?

Q#10 – How many sailors died when the Monitor sank?

Q#11 – How many different prototypes of the Hunley did the Confederates build?

Q#12 – What was the name of the Union ship that the Hunley actually sunk?

Q#13 – How many minutes of air did the crew of the Hunley have when it ran submerged?

Q#14 – How was the body of the Hunley’s captain George E. Dixon identified when the submarine was being recovered from the ocean?

Q#15 – What did most military people call submarines during the Civil War?