Meeting of April 24, 2012

Ernie Manzo on “History of the Forts and Batteries Guarding the Golden Gate During the Civil War”

Ernie discussed the little known history of the series of forts and batteries that defended the Golden Gates entrance from Confederate raiding sea vessels. In order to protect the precious gold and silver coming out of the California and Nevada mountains, which financed the Union war effort, the army expended substantial resources to install fortifications.

Ernie Manzo is an amateur Civil War historical researcher, reenactor, and lecturer. His lifelong passion of military history includes many of the wars around the world of the Victorian era with a special focus on the American Civil War. Ernie has been an active member of the local reenactment community for the last 7 years, serves presently as adjutant (2nd Lieutenant) for the Union Battalion Command Staff of the American Civil War Association. Ernie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from University of the Pacific with a minor in history.

Meeting Minutes April 2012