Quiz for May 29, 2012

Based on “The Ring of Fire – San Francisco Bay Forts and Batteries: 1861-1865” by Ernie Manzo

Q#1 – What name did the Spaniards give to their main fort when they arrived in the Bay Area?

Q#2 – During the early to late 19th century, what was the name of the construction method used to build forts?

Q#3 – What were the names of the two forts planned to protect the Golden Gate entrance to San Francisco Bay?

Q#4 – How many months of supplies and munitions were stored at Fort Point?

Q#5 – Where did the granite come from that was used to build Fort Point?

Q#6 – What was the only foreign country to formally announce support for the US Government during the Civil War?

Q#7 – What types of guns were placed on Crissy Field?

Q#8 – Why was the fort at Lime Point never built?

Q#9 – What other name was given to the military installation at Point San Jose?

Q#10 – Where was Black point geographically located?

Q#11 – What type of living creature inhabited Alcatraz Island?

Q#12 – In October 1863, what ship was fired upon as it entered San Francisco Bay?

Q#13 – How many batteries were posted on Angel Island?

Q#14 – What was the name of the fort located on Angel Island?

Q#15 – What piece of equipment was not shipped for the monitor that the Navy planned to use in San Francisco Bay?