Quiz for March 27, 2012

Based on “Review of the West Coast Civil War Conference Nov 11-13, 2011” by John Herberich

Q#1 – What was the name of the Keynote Speaker at the conference?

Q#2 – What was the total number of formal speakers at the conference?

Q#3 – From his attendance at the conference, what did John Herberich come away with?

Q#4 – What was the military designation for John Herberich’s great grandfather’s army unit?

Q#5 – What famous statement did President Lincoln make at the beginning of the Civil war in regards to the State of Kentucky?

Q#6 – What philosophical concept proved most detrimental to the South’s chances of winning the Civil War?

Q#7 – What term did most Union soldiers apply to Negro slaves?

Q#8 – Two-part question: At the start of the Civil War: (1) How many slaves were in America? (2) How many “freed men” were in America?

Q#9 – When spoken by most Southerners, what was the real meaning of the phrase “Why, bless your heart”?

Q#10 – What percentage of eligible voters participated in the presidential election of 1860?

Q#11 – At the start of the Civil War, which Northern state had 4 times the manufacturing capacity of all the Confederate states combined?

Q#12 – By the end of the Civil War, how many bureaucrats were employed in Washington DC?

Q#13 – Who named the Northern plan to encircle the South as the “Anaconda Plan”?

Q#14 – How was the Civil War characterized regarding its affect on most Americans?

Q#15 – As it relates to race relations, what action did President Woodrow Wilson take in 1920?