Quiz for February 28, 2012

Based on “The Strategic Impact of Railroads in the Civil War” by Lee Meredith

Q#1 – What was the most important use of railroads during the Civil War?

Q#2 – What was the year the first railroad in America was chartered for operation?

Q#3 – How fast in miles per hour was the first train ride?

Q#4 – How many miles of track were laid at the start of the Civil War?

Q#5 – How much did the average Civil War locomotive weigh?

Q#6 – What was the name of the railroad that played a key role in the Confederate victory at the First battle of Bull Run?

Q#7 – At the beginning of the Civil War, how were Southern railroads regulated?

Q#8 – By the end of the Civil war, how many miles of railroad track existed in the State of Florida?

Q#9 – What were the 3 types of rails used for railroad tracks?

Q#10 – What legislation was signed into law in 1862 by President Lincoln authorizing construction of the Trans-continental Railroad?

Q#11 – How many times did Harpers Ferry, Virginia change hands during the Civil War?

Q#12 – How did Confederate General Braxton Bragg move his entire army from Tupelo, MS to Chattanooga, TN?

Q#13 – How many miles was the route to supply Northern general Rosecrans in Chattanooga?

Q#14 – Which two Union Army Corps were transferred from the Army of the Potomac to General Rosecrans’s command in Chattanooga?

Q#15 – Where did the majority of troops ride when they were transported by train?