Quiz for September 25, 2012

Based on “The Seven Days Battles” by Hal Jespersen

Q#1 – On what date did the Seven Days Battle begin?

Q#2 – Who did McClellan replace as Commander of all Union Armies?

Q#3 – Fort Monroe was where McClellan ended up starting his attack on Richmond. What was McClellan’s first choice for starting his campaign?

Q#4 – What was McClellan’s primary military object for his Peninsula Campaign?

Q#5 – Approximately how many total troops, North and South, participated in the battle?

Q#6 – Approximately how many total casualties, North and South, resulted from the battle?

Q#7 – What were the 4 major battles fought during the Seven Days Battle?

Q#8 – During which battle on the Virginia Peninsula did Winfield Scott Hancock earn his nickname “Hancock the Superb”?

Q#9 – What river played a major role in the Seven Days Battle?

Q#10 – What two military duties did Robert E. Lee perform before being appointed Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia?

Q#11 – How many cavalry troopers did Jeb Stuart have on his ride around the Union Army?

Q#12 – What was the primary reason the South lost the Battle of Mechanicsville?

Q#13 – Why did the South lose the battle at Savages Station?

Q#14 – On which side of Malvern Hill was the final attack of Seven Days fought?

Q#15 – What were the casualties for the North and the South at Malvern Hill?