Quiz for March 31, 2015

Civil War Quiz – Civil War Weaponry

Q#1 – What rifle was the most common weapon carried by Union infantry in the eastern theater in 1861-62?

Q#2 – Tests conducted by the U.S. Army were performed to determine which caliber bullet (.58 or .69) was more accurate at a distance when used with a rifled musket. What were the conclusions of those tests?

Q#3 – What was the most widely used weapon by the Confederates during the Civil War?

Q#4 – What rifle was very popular with Confederate snipers because it was capable of hitting a man sized target beyond 1,000 yards?

Q#5 – What was the largest produced and most widely used of all handguns in the Civil War by both sides?

Q#6 – What was the name of the handgun designed by Jean Alexandre LeMat that proved to be the favorite of General Jeb Stuart?

Q#7 – What were the names of the two general types of artillery weapons used during the Civil War?

Q#8 – What artillery piece was considered the weapon of choice if the opposing forces were concealed behind terrain features or fortifications?

Q#9 – What was the name of the factory located in Richmond, Virginia, that produced a large quantity of Confederate weapons?

Q#10 – What is the name of the term used to modify the barrel of a cannon which adds spiral grooves along the inside of the gun barrel for the purpose of spinning the shell or shot thereby increasing the range and accuracy of the gun?

Q#11 – Did an Artillery Shot projectile include an explosive charge?

Q#12 – What was the effective range of an artillery canister projectile?

Q#13 – What was the name given to the two-wheeled carriage that carried an ammunition chest and was connected directly behind a team of horses and towed the artillery gun?

Q#14 – What was the purpose of the piece of artillery equipment called a Caisson?

Q#15 – What was the name of the company that was the Colt Firearms Manufacturing Company’s chief rival in providing weapons to the Union Army?