Quiz for March 26, 2013

Based on “The Battle at Fredericksburg, Part 2” by Alan Sissenwein

Q#1 – What Union commander was the first to occupy the town of Fredericksburg?

Q#2 – From north to south, what was the alignment of the 3 Grand Divisions after they crossed the Rappahannock River?

Q#3 – What was the name of the road crossing that marked the southernmost end of the Confederate right flank?

Q#4 – What was the largest corps in the Army of the Potomac and how many troops did it have?

Q#5 – What natural hazard impeded the Union advance against Marye’s Heights?

Q#6 – What caused a major exposure to Stonewall Jackson’s line?

Q#7 – What Union divisions led the attack against Stonewall Jackson’s line?

Q#8 – What set of Union regiments from the same brigade broke thru AP Hill’s line?

Q#9 – Why did the Union breakthrough of AP Hill’s line fail?

Q#10 – Which Union divisions under General Couch led the initial assault on Marye’s Heights?

Q#11 – What quote is attributed to E. Porter Alexander regarding his artillery’s ability to repulse a Union attack on Confederate lines at Marye’s Heights?

Q#12 – What was a key geographic feature that enhanced the Confederate line in front of Marye’s Heights?

Q#13 – What impaired General Couch’s decision-making ability regarding sending in more troops to attack Marye’s Heights?

Q#14 – Once Couch realized the failure of the frontal assault on Marye’s Heights, what new attach plan did he execute?

Q#15 – Who convinced General Burnside to call off additional attacks on Marye’s Heights?