Quiz for March 25, 2014

What Happened During the Month of March 1861-1865?

Q#1 – What major political event occurred on March 4, 1861?

Q#2 – On March 15, 1861, Lincoln met with his Cabinet to make a decision regarding what Union military location?

Q#3 – What was the name of the battle that was fought on March 7-8, 1862, where Union forces won a victory in Arkansas?

Q#4 – What pivotal naval engagement occurred during March 8/9, 1862?

Q#5 – What battle took place on March 28, 1862, in New Mexico Territory?

Q#6 – What action did the US Congress perform on March 3, 1863, that affected the staffing of the Union armies?

Q#7 – What happened on March 2, 1864, regarding a change in Union Commanders?

Q#8 – What was adopted by the Confederate Congress on March 4, 1864?

Q#9 – On March 9, 1864, what action did General Henry Halleck voluntarily take that affected the command authority of US Grant?

Q#10 – What Union military campaign located in the western portion of the country began on March 10, 1864?

Q#11 – What happened on March 17, 1864, that affected William Tecumseh Sherman’s command authority?

Q#12 – What action did President Lincoln take on March 21, 1864, that affected Nevada and Colorado?

Q#13 – What major political event occurred on March 4, 1865?

Q#14 – During March 19-21, 1865, what battle was fought in North Carolina?

Q#15 – On March 25, 1865, what major military Confederate action was initiated?