Quiz for July 30, 2013

Based on “The Red River Fiasco” by Walter Day

Q#1 – Where is the Red River located?

Q#2 – What two major cities are located on the Red River?

Q#3 – What was the main reason that the Confederacy used the Red River?

Q#4 – Which Union general came up with the idea to try to close the Red River to Confederate use?

Q#5 – What Union Admiral led the naval portion of the Red River campaign?

Q#6 – What Union General led the Army’s portion of the Red River campaign?

Q#7 – What commodity did the Union Army seize when they captured Alexandria, LA?

Q#8 – Where on the Red River did the Confederates ambush the Union Fleet?

Q#9 – How did the Union ships escape from the engagement at Blair’s Landing?

Q#10 – How did the Confederates lower the river water in an attempt to ground the Union warships?

Q#11 – What was the name of the Union ship that was blown up to prevent capture by the Confederates?

Q#12 – What method did the Union use to try to raise the level of the Red River?

Q#13 – How long did the Red River Campaign last?

Q#14 – How did the Union lighten the USS Neosho in order to float it down the river?

Q#15 – What was the main reason for the failure of the Red River Campaign?