Quiz for February 26, 2013

Based on “The Battle at Fredericksburg, Part 1” by Alan Sissenwein

Q#1 – The presentation began in January 1863, after the actual Battle of Fredericksburg. How did General Burnside celebrate being relieved of command of the Army of the Potomac?

Q#2 – What was the primary basis for President Lincoln selecting General Burnside to command the Army of the Potomac?

Q#3 – To which town in Virginia did General Burnside want his pontoon boats delivered?

Q#4 – Into how many Grand Divisions did General Burnside divide the Army of the Potomac?

Q#5 – Where in the West Point graduating class of 1843 did General William B. Franklin rank?

Q#6 – What were the names of the generals in command of Burnside’s Grand Divisions?

Q#7 – Why did General Sumner not cross the Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg upon his arrival there and seeing few Confederate forces on the opposite side of the river?

Q#8 – What was General Robert E. Lee’s initial plan for confronting the Union Army at Fredericksburg?

Q#9 – At what location south of Fredericksburg did Burnside attempt to cross and then fail?

Q#10 – Which Grand Division was positioned on the left of the Union Line facing Fredericksburg?

Q#11 – Which Confederate Corps was positioned on the right of the Southern line facing Fredericksburg?

Q#12 – On what date did the Union Army finalize its plans to cross the Rappahannock River?

Q#13 – At what location did the Union position 140 artillery guns for bombarding Fredericksburg?

Q#14 – What Rebel brigade commander was positioned in Fredericksburg to thwart the Union effort to build pontoon bridges?

Q#15 – Why did Burnside order a massive artillery bombardment on Fredericksburg?