Quiz for August 25, 2012

Based on “What Sank The Confederate Submarine, The Hunley?” by Tom McMahon

Q#1 – What had been the prevailing theory of how the Hunley sank?

Q#2 – Is there any historical evidence that the Hunley actually had an anchor?

Q#3 – What significant damage was discovered on the ship’s conning tower?

Q#4 – When an autopsy of the drowned sailors was performed, what startling discovery was made?

Q#5 – When compared to the other crewman, in what body position was Captain Dixon’s body found?

Q#6 – Based on the scientific evidence, when was the Hunley’s conning tower damaged: before it sank or after?

Q#7 – Were any of the bullets that were fired at the Hunley by Union sailors ever found inside the Hunley’s hull?

Q#8 – What was the name of the famous southern foundry that was used to reproduce the Hunley’s conning tower?

Q#9 – What was the name of the Union warship that came to rescue the sailors from the sinking USS Housatonic?

Q#10 – How many Union sailors actually fired on the Hunley?

Q#11 – What were the 3 types of guns used by the Union sailors to fire in the Hunley?

Q#12 – What metal was the Hunley’s conning tower made of?

Q#13 – What happened when the outer flange of the Hunley’s conning tower was hit by a shell?

Q#14 – Where inside the Hunley were the bodies of all the crew found?

Q#15 – What is the theory of what caused the Hunley’s crew to die?