Quiz for April 30, 2024

Civil War Quiz: What Do You Know About the Civil War in the New Mexico Territory?

Q#1 In 1861, the New Mexico Territory was comprised of which current States?

Q#2 The New Mexico Territory provided more soldiers to the Union, than any other western state or territory. Approximately how many Union soldiers came from the New Mexico Territory?

Q#3 In 1861, the Confederacy claimed the southern half of the vast New Mexico Territory as its own Arizona Territory. What was the main objective behind this claim?

Q#4 At the start of the Civil War, what was the general political attitude by those inhabiting the Nex Mexico Territory regarding supporting secession?

Q#5 Which geographic portion of the New Mexico Territory had the strongest support for the Confederacy?

Q#6 What was a major influencing Union support in the northern geographic portion of the New Mexico Territory?

Q#7 In 1861 in the town of Tucson, southern sympathizers living in the New Mexico Territory established what they called the Arizona Territory What was the name of the man named governor?

Q#8 What significant events in July 1861 occurred in the town of Mesilla, New Mexico Territory?

Q#9 On January 13, 1862, what action was taken by Confederate President Davis with regards to the New Mexico Territory?

Q#10 In March 1862, the U.S. House of Representatives, took what political action regarding New Mexico Territory?

Q#11 In what mountain range was the Battle of Glorieta Pass fought in?

Q#12 The Battle of Glorieta Pass began with a skirmish on March 26 between advance elements from each army, with the main battle occurring on March 28. Although the Confederates were able to push Union forces back through the pass, what was the reason they had to retreat?

Q#13 Years after the Civil War ended, what name was given to the Battle of Glorieta Pass?

Q#14 What military engagement is often considered the westernmost engagement of the Civil War?

Q#15 While the Battle of Valverde was technically a Confederates victory, why did Confederate General Henry Sibley decide to abandon his attempt to capture the fort, thus ceding the battlefield back to Union control?