Meeting of September 28, 2010

Tom McMahon on “Morality and War”

President’s Message: The annual vote for officers was held at the August SBCWRT picnic. These officers agreed to serve for one more year: John Herberich, President; Steve Wetlesen, Vice President; Rene Accornero, Treasurer; Larry Comstock, Secretary; Tom Miller, Membership; Bill Noyes, Preservation; Hal Jespersen, Webmaster; Gary Moore, Historian. Kevin Martinez has assumed the Publicity Director position previously held by Fred Rohrer. Since we are switching to a Web site, the Newsletter position will be left vacant.

Attendance was high for our first meeting of the 22nd year of the SBCWRT. Since we are approaching the beginning of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, I think it would be interesting and educational to begin each meeting with a brief history of the events of the comparable month of 150 years ago. All members are encouraged to contribute.

Dr. Helen Trimpi made a presentation to the group regarding a matching fund contribution she wanted to make to the battlefield at Bentonville, N. C. In March 1865, it was the site of the last major attempt of the Confederates to check Sherman’s advance. As Helen explained, her great-grandfather, Pvt. Josias Pinkerton, was with the 25th Iowa Infantry which fought over the very ground the Civil War Preservation Trust is trying to purchase. During this battle, the unit suffered its highest losses of the war. Pending a move to be closer to her family, Helen has been selling most of her extensive library of Civil War history books. Donating $500 of the proceeds to the CWPT, Helen asked the group to match her generous contribution; it was agreed to by unanimous consent. The CWPT will match the combined contribution made by Helen and the SBCWRT for a grand total of $2,000! It makes for a very special occasion when direct descendants of a Civil War Veteran can make a direct contribution in memory of their ancestor.

Following a suggestion made last year by Steve Wetlesen, Tom McMahon led a very lively and interesting round table discussion on the philosophical topic: “War and Morality.”

Steve will be hosting the October 26th meeting in my absence. John Herberich