Meeting of July 30, 2024

Join us at 6:30 PM, July 30, at Holder’s Country Inn Restaurant located at 10088 N Wolfe Road, Suite 130, Cupertino, CA 95014, across from the former Vallco Fashion Mall and via ZOOM. This month’s topic is

Chuck Seekamp on “Civil War Equipment and Miscellaneous Support Paraphernalia”

Chuck will display and discuss the tools used during the Civil War. Some are reproductions that were either bought or made from pictures. Includes one saddle bag with tools and medicines and an actual medical bag, probably post Civil War, but 1800s. The presentation will include tools out for inspection and to look at.

Chuck Seekamp was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years with many medical calls and learned things there. For the Civil War, Chuck started by re-enacting in the artillery. When the doctor who was impersonating the Confederate doctor had to leave, Chuck’s daughter, who playing a nurse, came to Chuck and asked to fill in, Chuck did so and started reading up on Confederate medical procedures. Many were written by Union doctors who had been captured and put to work in southern hospitals and therefore there was much comparison. The unit had in it an actual nurse, X-ray tech, blood drawer, dental hygienist, and a couple of other jobs. These people taught Chuck names and how things were done as well as what to read.