Quiz for January 27, 2015

Civil War Quiz: What Do You Know About Robert E Lee?

Q#1 – What was Robert E. Lee’s birth date?

Q#2 – Who was Lee’s father?

Q#3 – What year did Lee enter West Point?

Q#4 – What was Lee’s major course of study at West Point?

Q#5 – How many demerits did Lee incur during his 4 years at West Point?

Q#6 – Lee married a woman named Mary Custis. Who was her grandmother?

Q#7 – During the summer of 1835, what job was Lee assigned?

Q#8 – How many children did Robert & Mary Lee have?

Q#9 – During the Mexican–American War, what was Lee’s job in support of General Winfield Scott’s march from Veracruz to Mexico City?

Q#10 – In 1852, what job was Lee assigned at West Point?

Q#11 – In 1855, Lee was promoted as second-in-command of the Second Cavalry regiment in Texas. What was the name of the commander he served under? (Hint: Lee’s commander would later become a General in the Confederate Army)

Q#12 – On August 8, 1863, following the battle at Gettysburg, Lee sent a letter to President Davis. What did the letter contain?

Q#13 – After the Civil War, what job did Lee undertake?

Q#14 – What were Lee’s views on granting Negroes the right to vote?

Q#15 – Lee died October 12, 1870. What medical malady occurred two weeks prior that contributed to his death?